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7 Form 15.05.2020


1.  What do you think of this saying?

Why do different learners have different abilities?

Are all the students of your class at the same level of English?

How can you help them?

What piece of advice could you give them to improve their language abilities?


2. Watch the video about how to be progressive in studying English. After watching agree or disagree with the idea of the speaker. Do you think her advice is really good?


3. Ex. 1a, p.198 – answer the questions. While answering look back at your school year, your English lessons and think of your progress in learning English.


4. Watch one more video and think why it is really important to know English:


5. Write down 10 interesting questions to your classmates of different types about their progress in English. Take a photo and send it to your teacher.


6. Practise:



Учебное пособие:



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