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7 Form 20.04.2020


1.  Look at the poster. Have you watched this film? Is it popular with teens in our country?

What do you know about Vikings?

2. Ex. 1 a, p. 134. Do the quiz.

3. Ex. 1 b, p. 135. Listen to the podcast on great travellers and check yourselves.


4. Ex. 1 c, p. 135. Which quest would you like to go on: a power quest or a culture quest?

5. Ex. 2 a, p. 135. Read the Viking Code of Conduct (rules of behaviour).

6. Reread the Viking Code of Conduct. There are 7 rules and 1 prediction. Find the prediction.

7. Learn the rule. Ex. 2 c, d, p. 136.



8. Ex. 2 e, p. 137. Which rules from the Viking Code of Conduct do you like? Why?

9. Grammar secret. Ex. 4 a, p. 137.


10. Ex. 4 b, p. 137. Rewrite the proverbs where unless can be used instead of if. Take a photo of the exercise and send to your teacher.

11. Ex. 4 a, p. 137. Which of the proverbs in ex. 4bcan be good for Traveller’s Code of Conduct? Record your ideas and send to your teacher.

12. Practise your grammar:


13. Do the Quiz:


14. For more practice:

Link 1

Link 2


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