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7 Form 20.05.2020


1.  What are your plans for summer?

Choose at least 5 ideas or use your own ones to speak about your plans:

  1. I’m going to buy a new phone.
  2. I’m going to study abroad.
  3. I’m going to move a new house.
  4. I’m going to visit London.
  5. I’m going to go backpacking in Australia.
  6. I’m going to improve my English vocabulary.
  7. I’m going to help animals in danger.
  8. I’m going to help Mum with cleaning the house.
  9. I’m going to plant trees in the school garden.
  10. I’m going to pick my friend up from the airport.
  11. I’m going to throw a party.
  12. I`m going to improve my English with films.


2. Ex 1, p.204 – read the blog article and match the headlines with the paragraphs.


  • Watching films with subtitles isn`t a good idea for improving English. Can you find the extract about it in the text?
  • What new methods does the blogger use when he watches English films?
  • Why is watching English films an active way to improve your English?


3. Watch the video:


Did you understand everything? Did you like the video? Do you often have the situation like this in your family? Who is the most strict to your school your mum or your dad?


4. Watch another video, listen to the speaker and say what the reasons are for watching movies in English:


5. Watch any film in English from the list in the video and share your impressions. Write what you liked most. Take a photo and send it to your teacher.


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