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7 Form 21.04.2020


1.  Do you know this TV programme? What is it about? Would you like to travel with them?

2. Complete the scientific facts below.

For help: Link 1  



3. What is the best way to travel to Australia or New Zealand?

  • By bus
  • On foot
  • By plane
  • By ship

Would you like to go there? Why?


4. Match the beginnings and the endings of the sentences


5. Which of these ideas do you agree with? Why?

6. Ex. 2d,p.140. Use if instead of unless. Make other changes if necessary. Write the ideas down, take a photo and send to your teacher.

7. Ex. 4a, p.140. Read the introduction to a travel blog. What is the idea of it?

8. Ex. 4b, p.140. Read some advice from the blog and put the if-sentences into four groups.

9. Ex. 4c, p.141. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct forms.

10. Ex. 5a, p.141. Fill in the missing words.

11. Ex.6a, b, p.141. Use the beginning below to make sentences that are true about you. (7-10 sentenes). Record and send to your teacher.

12. Practise your grammar: 

Link 2

Link 3

13. Practise your reading skills: 

Link 4

Link 5

Can you explain the time and season difference with Australia and New Zealand?

14. Practise your vocabulary: Link 6


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