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7 form 22.04.2020


1.  Look and the pictures. Make up a title for it.

2. Ex 1a, p. 142. Put the words connected with travelling into groups.

3. Make up at least 5sentences with at least 10 words from the list. Write them down, take a photo and send to your teacher.

4. Ex. 2a, p. 143. Read the statements on travelling in the table. Choose the numbers that best express your opinion.

1 – I completely agree, 2 – I mostly agree, 3 – I’m not sure, 4 – I mostly agree, 5 – I completely disagree.

5. Ex. 4a, p.144. Listen to a young girl talking about travelling. Only one of the statements below is false. Which one?


6. Ex. 4b, p.144. Match the idioms with the illustrations. Which is not illustrated?

For help: Link 1 

7. Hometask: Ex. 4c, p.145. Answer the questions. Record your answer and send to your teacher.

8. Practise your vocabulary: Link 2

Practise your reading skills: Link 3

Practise your speaking skills: Link 4


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