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7 Form 25.04.2020


1.  What do you see? Why do people use parks for? It`s a good way of having a rest for many people, isn`t it?


2. Watch the video and answer the questions:

What park is it? What are your ideas?

What impressed you greatly in this park?

What do you think happened with the people in the video? How can you describe the weather?

How do you find the routes in the park?


3. Ex. 1 p.154, answer the questions and speak up with the help box

What is the best way to explore the country?

Why do you think so?


4. Ex.2a, p.154. Now listen to the programme about visiting UK national parks by public transport. After listening answer the question: What means of transport are mentioned in it?


5. Listen to the text once again and do ex.2b, p.154



6. Ex. 2c, p.155. Listen to the second part of the programme and answer the question: What do the phrases in the box below relate to according to the programme?


7. Ex.2d, p.155. Listen to the last part of the programme. What do the numbers in the box mean?

8. Make up the sentence with the words: richer/you/ only/ travel/ buy/ the/ makes /is/ that/ you thing. Do you agree or disagree with the quotation?


9. Write down in your exercise books the invitation for your teacher to visit a UK national park. If possible describe the rout in details. Send to your teacher.


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