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7 Form 29.04.2020


1.  How do people usually call our Motherland? Do you know why? Think of 3-5 facts why Belarus is worth visiting.


2. Watch the video and name the most famous places of Belarus.


3. Your English-speaking friend is coming to Belarus for ten days. What places of interest will you recommend him /her to visit? Why?


4. Ex.2a p.156, . Look through the three itineraries. Which of them would you choose for your English-speaking friend? Why?


5. Read the text and say which of the itineraries these descriptions come from. (ex 2b, p.157)

Match the pictures of ex.2c, p.159 with the descriptions of ex.2b, p.157

Which facts from the descriptions have you always known?

Which are new for you?


6. Where was this photo taken?


7. Follow the link to know more about the place:

Link 1


8. Why do the Belarusian Maldives attract so many tourists? 


9. Prepare a good speech of recommendations for travel-lovers about what places of interest to visit in Belarus. Record your story and send it to your teacher.


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