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8 Form 11.05.2020


1.  Watch the short film “Arrival of a Train at la Ciotat” (The Lumière Brothers, 1895)


2. Express your attitude to the film.

  • When did cinema appear?
  • Who invented it? W
  • hat do you know about the first films?
  • Are they different from the films of today?


3. Ex. 3 b, p. 223. Listen, read the text about the history of cinematography and check the answers.


4. Read about the inventors of the cinema and do the task:


5. What interesting facts have you learnt about the history of cinema? Make a presentation about the history of cinematography. Find interesting facts, illustrations, music, etc.

Record a narration to PowerPoint slides. Send the presentation to your teacher.


6. WB ex. 2 p. 77


Учебное пособие:


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