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8 Form 12.05.2020


1  Listen to the song and choose the words you hear:


What is cinema for you?


2. Ex. 1 p. 224


3. Ex. 2a p. 224 Natalie has nothing special to do tonight. She wants to go to the cinema and decides to invite Alesya. Listen to the dialogue and say which phrases from the help box Natalie and Alesya used.


4. Ex. 3a p. 225  The girls have decided to read about the films in the IMDB. Scan the information and say which film is:

  • newer
  • longer
  • a sci-fi film
  • directed by F. Lawrence
  • in English
  • about heroes
  • with Jennifer Lawrence


5. Ex. 3b p. 226  Listen, read and try to guess the meaning of the words in bold.


6. Ex. 3d p. 226. Which fi lm do you think the girls have chosen? Why? Which film would you choose? Explain your answer.

I‛d choose … because … . Besides ….


7. Ex. 4a p. 226.  Read and match the sentences to make up a dialogue – invitation to the cinema. Licten and check:


8. Invite your friend to the cinema (don’t forget to give GOOD reasons). Record your invitation and send it to your teacher.


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