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8 Form 18.05.2020


1.  Listen to the song and choose the words you hear:


Have you recognised the actor? What do you know about him? In what films did he act? Do you like the manner of acting?


2. Ex. 1b, p. 235. Read the text about Johny Depp and complete it with the verbs in the correct form. Listen and check.


3. Ex.1c, p. 235. Get ready to read the text as a radio presenter. Listen again. Pay attention to the sounds denoted by ‘or’, ‘ar’ in a stressed position.


4. Look at the actors and actresses. Match the photos with their names.




5. Ex.2b, p. 236. Tastes differ. People like different actors and actresses. Here are some opinions of people of diffeent age groups. Look through the texts below and fill in the actors’ names. Listen and check.


6. Make sentences to describe the celebrities according to the text. Use the adjectives: gripping / fantastic / enormous / breathtaking / charismatic / romantic / spectacular / successful / natural / historical / financial


7. Ex.2d, p. 237 Ask questions to the answers below. Write them down into your copybook and send to your teacher.

Why are the actors above so popular? Which actor mentioned do you like most? Why?


8. Make a presentation about your favourite actor. Use the highlighted expressions from ex. 2b, 236. Send it to your teacher.


9. WB ex. 1-3, p. 87-88


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