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8 Form 22.04.2020


1.   Do you like poetry? Who is your favourite poet? Is poetry enjoyable? Why or why not?

2. Watch, listen and read the limericks.


3. Ex. 2 a p. 204. Read the limericks and complete the sentences. Listen and check.


4. Ex. 2b p. 205. Complete the Factfile about a limerick.

5. Watch, listen and sing.


6. Grammar focus: Relative pronouns

Read the rule, p. 252

How can you characterize the limericks which you have listened and read? Ex. 3 a p. 205 Use the help box.

7. Ex. 3 c p. 205. Can poetry be enjoyable? Which statements do you agree with? Write at least 10 sentences to explain your point of view. Send it to your teacher.

8. Practise your grammar.


8. WB ex. 1 p. 63


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