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8 Form 25.04.2020


1.  Why are books and reading important? How many people in the world can and can’t read? What’s the difference between their lives?

2. Ex. 2a p. 213. Look through the original UNESCO’s document and try to guess the words explained in the footnotes. What is the main idea of the message?

3. Practise your lexical skills.

4. Ex. 2 b p. 214. Listen and read an extract from the Message on the occasion of the World Book and Copyright Day 2015 and find answers to the questions of ex. 1.


5. Ex. 2c, p. 214. Choose and read the information you agree with.

4. Look through the information and watch a report about reading in the mobile era. Can the mobile phone help humanity stop illiteracy? Discuss the question with the whole class. What is the
dominant opinion?

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5. Ex. 5 p. 215. How do you see the future of books? Listen, read and say which point of view you agree with and why.


6 . Ex. 6 p. 215. Write 10–15 sentences about the role of reading, books and their future to help UNESCO promote books.



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