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9 Form 04.05.2020


1.  Ex. 1a, p. 126. Answer the questions.

Why do people call Belarus a blue-eyed country?

How many rivers and lakes are there on its territory?

What are the names of the most famous rivers and lakes?

2. Ex. 1b, p. 127. Look at the pictures below. Where in Belarus do you think these rivers are?

Check your answers. Have you ever been to these places?

4. Think over the questions: 1. How do Belarusian rivers and lakes influence the weather of the country? 2. What is the water circle?


5. Ex. 2b, p. 127. Listen to two children making a presentation for their English class. Answer the question.


6. Ex. 2c, p. 127. Listen to the second part of Anna and Danik’s presentation. What dangers does water bring in Belarus?


7. Ex. 2d, p. 127. Listen to the second part of the presentation again. Are these sentences true or false?


8. Ex. 3a, p. 128. Look at the words in the box. Complete the sentences from the presentation.



9. Ex. 3a, p. 128. Answer the questions about the place you live in. Record your report and send it to YOUR teacher.


10. Ex. 4, p. 129. Prepare a two-minute presentation about one of the local disasters we have in Belarus. Read the fact files below to help you.

Speak about:

what happens;

what impact it has on the country / people;

what people can do to avoid / stand against this disaster.

Record your report and send it to YOUR teacher.


11. For more information:

Link 1

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