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9 Form 05.05.2020


1.  Every season can bring fun. Think of fun activities, festivals or traditions typical for each season in Belarus. Make a list of them.

2. Ex 2a, p. 130. Read three articles about seasonal fun in three countries: the USA, Poland and Japan. Say in which country:

1)  they celebrate in spring; 2) they celebrate in autumn; 3) they celebrate in winter; 4) the festival is associated with religion; 5) the festival has more than a thousand years history; 6) people watch fireworks at the end of the festival; 7) you can see traditional dancing; 8) guests can do different winter sports; 9) the forecast helps to predict the day of the festival; 10) people eat mostly sweet things; 11) you can try different traditional dishes; 12) people eat home-made dishes; 13) people can watch actors doing traditional performance; 14) you can buy works of arts and souvenirs.

Indian Summer Festival

Ski Holidays That’s Right For You

Cherry Blossom Festival


3. Which of the festivals would you like to visit? Why? Record your answer and send it to YOUR teacher.


4. Ex 3a,b, p. 133. Look at the phrases from “Indian Summer Festival” that you can use in your presentation. Find more useful phrases in the other two articles and write them out.

Every autumn we invite you to a spectacular festival that runs …

All our guests are welcome to join in …

Our festival is also proud to present …

If you’re coming to the festival, don’t forget to bring your appetite.

From traditional … favourites to mouth-watering modern delights, there are plenty of things to taste and enjoy!


5. You were asked to invent and present a new festival in Belarus / your region. Think of what kind of festival you would like to organize, what time of the year it will be, what will people do, see, eat at your festival.

Make the presentation of your festival. Share your presentations with the class. Read the presentations of other groups and choose the best one.


6. For more information:

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