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9 Form 07.05.2020



1.  Ex. 1a, p 136. Look at the pictures of different traditional clothes from all over the world. Match with the words in the box. What country does each item come from?


2. Ex. 1 b, p 137-138. Read the facts about the traditional clothes from ex. 1a. Match the facts with the items of clothes. Which fact was surprising for you?


3. Look at the words in bold in ex. 1b. Match them with their synonyms below:



4. Ex. 2a, p. 138. Look at the picture of a girl. What can you say about her? What does she do? What hobbies has she got?


5. Ex. 2b, p. 138. Read the introduction to the interview with this girl. Were your ideas correct?


6. Ex. 2c, p. 138. Read the whole interview. Are the statements true or false?


7. Answer the questions. Record your report and send it to YOUR teacher.

  • Have you ever tried on / seen a traditional Belarusian costume? Where? When?
  • Do you think Nastya and her hobby will have a bright future?
  • What part / parts of traditional Belarusian costume can become popular in other countries?


8. You are going to organize a folk dress-up party in your school. Make a list of people in the other group. Think of a costume for each person. Write down the description. Share it with your group/teacher.


9. For more information:

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10. Practise your reading skills:

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