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9 Form 12.05.2020


1.  Do you agree with this quotation?


2. A lot of famous actors, writers, politicians and other celebrities take part in different charity projects. What can charity project aim at? Draw a spidergram with your partner.

What kind of people need help in Belarus?


3. Ex. 2a, p.147. Read the beginning of an article from a website CancerKidz. What charity fund is it about? Who does it help?


4. Read the STORIES and answer the questions. Which of the two stories impressed you more? Why? Have you ever heard / read stories about children struggling with cancer?

Make a list of things people can do to help children with cancer in Belarus. Take a photo and share it with your group.


5. Answer the questions. 1. Have you ever taken part in any charity programme? What was it? 2. Would you like to try and participate in such a programme? 3. What can you personally do to help someone? Record your report and send it to YOUR teacher.


6. Practise your reading skills:

Link 1

Link 2


7. Practise your listening skills:

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5


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