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9 Form 13.05.2020


1.  What word can unite these words?


2. Which of the words in the box refer to studies?


3. Write a definition for the word studies. Share with the class.


4. In what meaning is the word study used in the sentences below?

  • Setting aside a period of time specifically for study is a way to improve study skills.
  • Studies of dolphins show that they are able to communicate information to each other.
  • He is most interested in American studies.
  • These proposals deserve careful study.
  • He wishes to continue his studies in Florence.
  • I’m sure, you will find him in the study – he spends there all his time.


5. Use the verbs to learn and to know in the sentences below.


6. Ex. 2b, p. 153. Fill in the two verbs. Change the form of the verbs if necessary.


7. Ex.3, p. 153-155. Answer the questions.

  1. When do people learn more facts: at university or during the first five years of their life?
  2. Which part of the brain learns faster: logical or creative?


8. Read the introduction to the book Students’ Steps to Success. Check your guesses. Do you agree with the ideas? What do you think people need to cope with stress?


9. Match the words in bold from the text with their definitions:


Do you agree with the statements in italics? Would you like to read this book?


10. Complete the questions below with the words from ex. 3b. Be careful with the grammar form you use. Answer the questions, record your report and send to the teacher.

  1. What is your attitude to studies? Do you enjoy or … them?
  2. What new … have you learned at school?
  3. Can you call yourself a … student / pupil?
  4. What … your studies?
  5. What activities … both parts of your brain to work?
  6. Do you have any methods to … fear and … before tests?
  7. What can the school do to … the talents of all the pupils?
  8. If you have a very difficult task to perform, do you try to … with it yourself or you turn to others to help you?
  9. Have you ever … a real joy from studying?
  10. Which of the following things … your progress at school: your attitude to studies, your hard work, your talent?


11. Ex.4, p. 156. Answer the questions.

  1. What have you studied in this lesson?
  2. What new things have you learnt today
  3. Do you think you know more about studies now?


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