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9 Form 14.05.2020


1.  Look at the picture. What associations do you have?


2. Are you good at languages? Put the words in the list into two groups. Justify your decision.

What other words of Greek origin do you know?

What is the Belarusian for ‘educere’ (from Latin: to lead out) → ‘education’ (English)

Which letter is not pronounced in the following words?


3. Ex.2, p. 157. What does the word ‘philosophy’ mean? Choose from the list.

Link 1


4. Listen to the recording to check your answers. Which of the definitions:

  • describes what the word used to mean;
  • the present meaning of the word.

How long did the word philosophy refer to scientific studies in general?


5. Ex.3, p. 157. Read the following passage. Answer the questions:

  1. What is education?
  2. How did it start in ancient Greece?


6. Ex. 4a p. 158. Which of the words in bold from ex. 3a mean.


7. Ex. 4b p. 158. Match the beginnings and the endings of the questions:



8. Answer the questions. Record your report on both situations and send it to YOUR teacher.


9. Ex.5, p. 159. What do the present-day educational system and the ancient Greek one have in common and what are the differences?


10. Can you find any aspect where the education in Ancient Greece is more advanced than today’s education? Record your report on both situations and send it to YOUR teacher.


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