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9 Form 18.05.2020


1.  What is the major recent change in education?

Consider different aspects: subjects taught, methods of teaching and learning, learning resources, etc.

Is this change for better or worse?


2. Ex.1, p. 166. Read the letter from a young person below. Could it have been written a century ago?

Look at the sentence in bold. What exactly do you think the young man is thankful for? Have you ever heard of the Khan Academy?


3. Ex. 2, p. 167. Read about the Academy. What subjects does it teach? Who can be its students? How does it differ from an ordinary school or college?


4. Ex.3, p.169. Listen to the introductory part of Salman Khan’s public talk in which he shows the montage of his lectures. How can you describe the tone of his lectures (relaxed, serious, interested, boring, unemotional, inspiring, entertaining)?


5. Read the following quiz about Salman Khan and his Academy. Try to guess the right answers (sometimes more than one answer is suitable).

Now listen to the second part of the talk. Check if you were right.



6. Ex.3d, p.170. Listen to the second part again and complete the following sentences from the talk with the words from the recording. Can you explain the meaning of these words?



7. What is the key to success of the Khan Academy? Record your report and send it to YOUR teacher.

Write a few sentences about the Khan Academy’s future. Support your opinion with the present evidence. Use the following pattern:

I believe the Khan Academy is going to … … because … … The Khan Academy is … … . So, I’m sure it’s going to … … … because … … …

Take a photo and share it with your group / teacher.


8. For more information:

Link 1


9. Practise your grammar

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4


10. Practise your listening skills:

Link 5

Link 6


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