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9 Form 19.05.2020


1.  Complete the quotation below with two words: winners and losers.

Explain your choice. CHECK

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Do you agree with the quotation?


2. Ex. 2a, p. 171. Read the following parts of complex sentences. Which of them describe future? How do you know?

Choose the appropriate beginnings for the sentences from ex. 2a.


3. Ex. 5a, p. 173. Complete the dialogue with will / won’t or (be) going to. Listen and check yourselves:


4. Ex. 6, p. 173. Paraphrase the proverbs below so as to use future forms.

E.g. Success comes in cans, failure in can’ts. – Unknown

If you always say “I can’t,” you’ll never be successful. But if you try, success will come to you.

Which of these proverbs can be used to describe the process of studies? Explain why. ? Record your report and send it to YOUR teacher.


5. Ex. 7, p. 173. Make up the school of the future. Think of the subjects taught, materials used, school buildings, etc. Prepare a presentation of 5-7 slides and share it with your group.


6. Grammar secret:



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7. Practise your grammar  

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Учебное пособие:



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