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9 Form 20.05.2020


1.  Answer the questions:

  1. What does it mean to be intelligent?
  2. How do you understand the phrase ‘Each of us is intelligent in this or that way’?


2. Ex. 2a, p. 175.  Listen to the introductory part of the interview about multiple intelligences. Answer the questions below:


3. Match the names of the intelligences with their synonyms. Each name has two synonyms. Write and share.


4. Match the descriptions below with the appropriate type of intelligence. Complete the sentences with the names of the intelligences. Listen to the next part of the interview describing the intelligences and check. Write and share.


5. Match the words in bold (ex. 2c) with their synonyms or definitions below:


6. Ex.3a, p. 179. Find out what your strong and weak intelligences are. Copy the table below and complete it with the information about yourself and your friend(s). Which of the intelligences would you like to have? Write and share.


7. Ex. 3c, p. 180. Which of the following people were / are nature smart, people smart, art smart, introspective smart, logic smart, movement smart? Write and share. Give your own examples of people who possess the intelligences.


8. Ex.4, p. 181. What intelligences does studying involve? Complete the following text with appropriate words.


9. For more information:

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