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9 Form 21.05.2020


1.  Read the following rhyme from Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’. What is it used for?


2. Ex. 1, p.180. What do you do to remember things you have to learn?


3. Ex. 2, p. 181. If you met a real expert in studies what would you ask them? Make up three questions.


4. Ex. 3, p. 181. Read the study tips from students’ forum. Are there any tips that answer your questions?


5. Ex. 4a, p. 184. Match the words in bold from ex. 3a with their definitions:


6. Ex. 4b, p. 184. Complete the questions with the words from ex. 3a. In some sentences you will have to use forms of the words. 


7. Ex. 5a, b, p.185-186. Which of the tips you are going to use in your studies? Why?

Make a mind map of study tips to process the information and remember it. Write and share (take a photo).


8. Explain the words of Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius) using the tips as examples:

What I hear, I forget.

What I see, I remember.

What I do, I understand.

Do you agree with the ancient thinker?


9. For more information:

Link 1

Link 2


10. Practise your listening skills:


Link 3


11. Practise your reading skills:

Link 4

Link 5


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