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9 Form 22.04.2020


1. Ex. 1 a, b, c, p.102-103. Listen and read the tongue twister. How many ‘weather’ words are there?


2. Ex. 2 b, p. 103 Listen and number the climate zones in order you hear them. What’s the weather like in each climate zone? Which climate zone wasn’t mentioned?

N Climate zone Weather
The tropical rainforest
The temperate forest
The desert
The Mediterranean climate zone
The tundra
The polar region

3. Look at the picture. What is the matter with the lady? Can you guess why?

4. Ex. 3 a, b, p.104-105 Read the articles about how we are affected by weather conditions. How do the weather conditions from the list influence people’s health/mood?

  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Humidity
  • Wind
  • Weather changes

5. Answer the questions after reading

What weather conditions affect our health?

What weather conditions can affect our mood?

What weather affects our health/mood most negatively?

RECORD your answers.

6. Grammar secret Ex. 4 a, p. 106.

7. Ex. 4 b, p. 106. Add prefixes dis-, in-, un- to the words. Answer the questions and send the RECORD to YOUR teacher.

8. Speak about the climate in our county and how it influences people. RECORD your answer (1,5 min) and send the RECORD to YOUR teacher.

9. Practise your vocabulary: 

10. Practise your grammar:

Link 1

Link 2

11. For more information:

Link 3



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