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9 Form 24.04.2020


1.  Look at the picture. What is the weather like? What emotions does this picture make you feel?

2. Listen to the poem. How does the poem make you feel?

3. Ex 2b, p. 114.  How many questions could you answer? Which facts from the quiz were surprising for you? Have you ever heard of any unusual weather phenomena?


4. Ex 3b, p. 115-116. Read the information about EACH of these phenomena.

Answer the questions

  • Why/ When/Where does it usually occur?
  • What does it look like?
  • What is the most famous example?


5. For more information

Link 1

Link 2

6. Ex. 4a p.117. Prepare a programme for children who don’t know much about the weather and where different weather phenomena come from. Choose 3 strange weather phenomena and make a presentation about them. (6-10 slides with facts and photos). Send the presentation to your teacher.

7. Practise your grammar.

Link 3

Link 4

8. Ex 2a, p. 114. Answer the questions of the weather quiz. Then listen to a TV show and check your answers.


9. Ex 3a, p. 114-115. Look at the 6 pictures of strange weather phenomena. What do you think they are? Express your ideas using the MODALS OF DEDUCTION (must/could/may/might/can’t).


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