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9 Form 29.04.2020


1.  Look at the map of the USA. Names the states. Are they in the North, South, East, West or in the Central part of the country?


2. Ex. 2a, p. 120. Read the article about US weather and climate. Choose the best sentence to describe the main ideas of the article.


3.  Ex. 2b, p.121. Look at the pictures below. They illustrate different weather in different parts of the USA. Find the words in the article to describe each picture. Then match the parts of the USA from the box and the pictures.


4. For more information:


5. Ex. 3, p.122. It’s interesting to know!


6. Choose a state on the map that you would like to visit. Describe the weather in your state. DON’T say the name of your state. Guess what states your partners describe. Record your speech share it with your teacher/group.


7. WorkBook Les1 p.23


8. Practice your listening skills:

Link 1


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