A small country in the centre of Europe – Belarus is a really unusual travel destination open for tourists from all over the world. And definitely it’s impossible to visit any country without trying its unique cuisine.

Back in 2017 a Canadian YouTuber Eileen Aldis alongside with partner Mark Whiteway left their home town in Canada, sold all their stuff, and set out to live their dream. This winter Eileen and Marc visited Belarus and now they share their adventures on LivingTheDream channel.


Their latest vlog is about an epic visit to Vasilki Restaurant in Minsk (a popular chain restaurant which serves almost all beloved Belarusian dishes). The travellers share their impressions while tasting Belarusian cuisine:

  • draniki (potato pancakes) and the way to eat them in Belarus is with thick gravy;
  • solyanka which is a very hearty traditional soup that’s perfect for cold winter days and nights;
  • babka, a potato dish with a delightfully bouncy texture that soothes the soul;
  • birch juice which is said to improve your hair and skin;
  • nalisniki – a popular dish of hot pancakes stuffed with apples and cinnamon with vanilla ice cream on the side.


Do you think they liked the food? Watch to know:


Do you know Belarusian dishes?


To know more about dishes Eileen and Marc tried:

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