“The noblest art is that of making others happy.” – These words by one of the great enterpreneurs of all times – P.T. Barnum show us the importance of being dedicated to the tricky way of creative innovations and seeing all the wonders of the world that surround us.

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Phineas Taylor Barnum is also known by the nickname – the Greatest Showman. He was the pioneer of the industry of entertainment that we know today and he also was a man who made exclusive curiosity chambers avaliable for ordinary people. Despite his famous Barnum & Bailey Circus which toured the world one of his greatest project was The Barnum Museum in his native state Connecticut.

Watch this video tour about the museum:


Listen to the song from the Barnum musical and try to fill in the missing words (to check yourselves select the text):

Museum Song

Barnum Cast


Everything about my __________ museum was spectacular,

including the price: __________ one dollar.

Now that may seem a bit steep, but it was worth

Look at what I gave ’em:


Quite a lotta

____________ Roman terra cotta

Livin’ lava from the flanks of Etna


Ride a dromedary

See the Temple tumble and the ________ Red Sea part.

McNamara’s band

The fattest ________ lady in the land

A pickled prehistoric hand

A strand of Pocahontas’ _________ hair

Crow and Sioux

Who’re going to

Be showing you

Some rowing through

A model of the rapids on the _________ Delaware.


Clever _________ caterpillas

Reproductions of the Cyclops’ ret’na

Crystal blowing

Automatic sewing

Venus on a shell and other works of _____ art.

Educated fleas

A tribe of Aborigines

Two ladies joined across the knees

A Mona Lisa made of ____ ice


We’ve gotten in

Forgotten spots

A cotton gin

A night with Lot in Sodom

Better see that _______ twice!

One ________ iguana

Snakes and other fauna

Got no bearded lady but we’re get’na

When you duck out

Take another ____ buck out

Run around the block And see a

Run around the block and see a

Run around the block and see a

new _________ show start.

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