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11 Form 22.04.2020


1.  Ex. 1, p.282. Think over the questions.

2. Ex. 2a, p.282. Immigrants from Eastern Europe have infl uenced American culture and science enormously. Make your speculations about the people in the photos: their origins, professions, achievements.

3. Ex. 2b, p.283. Read the biographical facts and see if your guesses were correct. Match the names with the facts. Who was the person you knew the most about? Whose names did you come across only today?

Model. 1 – Milla Jovovich – d.

4. Ex. 2c, p.283. Speak about how culture and science would be different if the people from ex. 2a and many others had never left their motherland. Record your speech share it with your teacher/group. (Conditional 3)

5. Ex. 2d, p.284. Read the part of an Internet post and say what group of Slavic immigrants the people from ex. 2a belong to. Why might they have emigrated to the USA?

6. Ex. 2e, p.284. Answer the questions. Record your speech share it with your teacher/group.

For more information:

7. Ex. 3a, p.284. Irving Berlin and Ira and George Gershwin are another example of famous Americans with Russian roots. Listen and take notes about them.


How they became Americans
Famous for
Other facts


8. Use the words on the right to complete Irving Berlin’s famous song.

9. Speak about people you know. If not sure, make your speculations on their reasoning. Answer the questions. Make a biographical a fact file about somebody outstanding who emigrated to the USA. Presentation (5-7 slides)


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