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Glenn Morrison’s hit single ‘Goodbye’ is a famous composition with numerous awards: it has been Certified Double Platinum and went Number 1 for 11 weeks in a row on the Canadian Artists Billboard Chart, as well as going Number 1 in Russia, Ukraine and the Belarus Billboard Charts.

Glenn Morrison is a Canadian DJ and a record producer.
He was born on September 12, 1985 and started learning to play the piano at the age of four. He also started composing his own music at an early age. Glen received his ARCT through the Royal Conservatory of Music by the age of 14.
Now we can hear his music not only on the radio or on TV but also in video games and large shows.
And ‘Goodbye’ is one of the favourite songs of our students. (For the other favourites visit these pages – 1 )
Listen to the song and do the tasks:
(to check yourselves select the text:)

Glenn Morrison


It’s enough/too much, that I know
Our time had a home
In your head/heart was a place
But the glass always breaks
From the start/street we were brave
Yet it all seemed amazing

Now I
I wanna ____ know
What it took to ____ leave me
Now I
I wanna _____ know
How would you _____ fall
How would you
Goodbye and it starts to ____ snow
In the streets of ______ Mexico
Goodbye, I am left _____ alone
In the streets of _______ Mexico

Even now as I stay/lay
There’s a space you used to take
If I’d have known/thrown
What we made
Would be done/gone like yesterday
I’d have loved
You with grace/a happy face
I’d have fought the darkness away
All your flies/lies
Showed my way
Now I’m lost between/behind the faces

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