There are loads of various tunes for all states of mind and moments of life. Why do some people feel quite indifferent and neutral to music while the others can’t imagine a day without joining in their favourite melodies?

Songs in English is a never ending source of new vocabulary, phrases and ideas for those who learn the language.


What are the main reasons for this method? We can notice that songs:

– are good for our mind and improve our mental activity;

– help us to hear Real language – everyday language, colloquial speech;

– let us get familiar to the sound of English;

– help us to remember grammar patterns;

– are emotional and influence our mood;

– are quite an easy way of learning.


Let’s try!


Listen to the song and choose the words you hear:

There is a great resource for those who want to try learning English with songs – LyricsTraining .

You choose a trackĀ  and type in the missing words – there are three levels of difficulty.

Could find your favourite tracks? And what’s your score?


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