One of the most mysterious characters in Belarus history – Barbara Radziwill is still believed to be living in the old Nesvizh castle. The story of her dramatic and sad love is told in the famous play “The Black Dame of Nesvizh” written by Alexey Dudarev and staged at Kupala theatre in Minsk. On March 24 our students visited that wonderful performance.

The play tells the story of young and beautiful Barbara and Sigismund. Barbara Radziwill lost her father at an early age and later she lost her first husband. But then the fate gave her a present: she met her real love – the son of the king of Poland Sigismund August. They were happy together and even married secretly. But Sigismund’s mother – cruel Bona Sforza was against their happiness. She wanted her son to marry a European princess… And now the desperate ghost of Barbara – the Black Dame is walking in the castle of Nesvizh looking for her beloved Sigismund.

We liked the play we saw at the theatre. The actors were brilliant and the scenery was great. And the costumes were really amazing. The story teaches us to value love and to trust our dear ones not listening to other people’s gossips. We do recommend everyone to visit this wonderful performance.


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