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Housework is not always an exciting thing to do. Wouldn’t it be better to have a super robot which could help you to do everything?

The students of 6 B Form designed some robots. Would you like to have any of them?

Xm 3000

People can enjoy doing nothing around the house. The only thing they have to do is to activate this amazing robot Xm 3000. It has everything: a vacuum cleaner, a mop, a broom, a brush, a duster, and what not. It has little eyes, hands and a speaker to turn on some music. It also can make you a cup of delicious coffee!

I need this robot.

Ksenia Yalovick

Mila 3000

This robot is not very big. It has one wheel and it is for childrin and adults. Mila 3000 is a very beautiful robot with a bow on its head. Mila 3000 can do a lot of housework: sweeping the floors, doing the washing and ironing, cooking and washing the dishes and a lot of other things.
I would like to have this robot.
Kristina Korolyonock

SCP 3000

This robot is very clever. It can do everything: tudying up, making the beds, sweeping the floors, cooking and washing up. It also can speak 5 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. It can even tell jokes.
We all need this robot.
Zhenya Sverchkov


This robot can not do any housework but it can be very useful for you. It is an improved 3D-printer – it can move everywhere you want and it can print everything you need.
Vova Varaksa

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